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Indar Rajani
  • Position : Nutrition & Wellness Coach
  • Experience : 11 Years
  • Phone : +91 9820055036
  • Skill : Fitness, Healthy Active Lifestyle
  • Location :Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Thane


Are you Struggling with your weight loss, bloating, skin problems, or other odd health problems? Check out below to discover my interesting story, how I transformed my life. It may not be a glamorous topic, but for me it proved to be a game-changer. At the age of 63 I feel as young as 36.

Professional Skills

95%healthy active lifestyle

My name is Indar Rajani , and I am associated with HERBALIFE for last 11 years.

Before Herbalife, with 20 years of hectic job schedule with MNC Bank in a senior position, with bad timings & lifestyle, slowly started putting on weight which bought many health issues which I kept keeping under control with medication, with out ever focusing on weight. I always felt sluggish and run-down, it’s was easy to say, ‘Well, I guess I’m just getting older,’ but now I know that’s not true — you can be 65 and still feel like you’re 20.”

“For a long time, I thought something was wrong with me. I was always tired, my whole body felt heavy, and my stomach… it wasn’t just bloated, it actually looked huge,” Like many adults who struggle with these issues every day, I initially thought I wasn’t exercising enough, but never focused on my food, nutrition & lifestyle habits. I was 10 to 12 Kgs over weight & 43 inch waisteline with all life style health challenges I need not specify.

I have tried every possible method recommended for weight loss, but no sustainable results, till one day in May 2007, I came Cross this nutrition company which changed my life for ever.

Initially it seemed Very bizarre as recommended for weight loss & healthy living. I tried it and, to my amazement, my stomach felt lighter, my mood improved, and my energy skyrocketed — all in a matter of days. Then I become very serious and started on the products for weight loss. In just initial 6 months I lost 11 Kgs of fat & 13 inches from waistline, and I have been maintaining for last 11 years. In bonus I am Living a tablet free life. Thanks to HERBALIFE NUTRITION.

I was really excited & started revealing in my circle of influence. Even though My result was visible, some were understandably skeptical. But gradually since then, countless people have started believing me after they started in trial basis & changed their life.

You will ask “Will it work for everyone?” I can say with absolutely sincerity. If you seriously follow as recommended & follow healthy active lifestyle, your life will change for ever. You can see my before after pic in the gallery.

Today I have all the energy to do my regular work out with weight training in the gym.

“Look, it’s such an easy thing to do, and, for me, it’s made a really big difference,” .

Today I am a messenger of good health & able to inspire hundreds of people round the country & in couple of other countries as well. I feel proud to be part of this mission of changing peoples life by making the world healthier & happier. “So I just want more people — to know about it.”

And the best way is to get started on the products on what ever may be your goal....... then one day you too share your story around.....

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